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December 2011 News

Travels in Greece: Starlotus Sacred Site Tours

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Each time I visit Greece, she reveals yet another layer of her beauty and indomitable spirit. This October, we were fortunate to be there at a historical moment, able to witness and take part in the passionate nationwide strikes and protests by the Greek people against the austerity measures being imposed upon them by foreign interests. The fountainhead of Western participatory democracy still flows forth with vibrant life force.

My travels began on October 1 with a week in northern Greece before I met up with the tour. Mary Lou Miller and Kate Petty joined me in an idyllic retreat on the remote island of Samothrake that houses a pristine and untrammeled site of the ancient pre-Hellenic Sanctuary to the Great Gods and where Alexander the Great was conceived during the nocturnal mystery initiations. While exploring the expansive grounds shrouded in a timeless eternity, we met a conservator of the archaeological remains. She invited us to her home for a meditation with a number of spiritually minded residents of the island, and we wished we could stay there forever.

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