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Demetra George Astrologer

Demetra George is a professional astrologer who received her Masters degree in Classics from the University of Oregon. She has been active in astrology since 1971, and in 2002 she received the renowned Regulus Award in Theory and Understanding. Demetra draws upon her background in mythology and ancient languages to create a unique synthesis of archetypal astrology and ancient techniques, along with travel to sacred sites. She is the director of Thema: Foundations in Astrology.

Demetra offers mentoring in fundamentals of interpretation, chart delineation, Hellenistic astrology, mythic asteroids, and ancient Greek for astrologers. Learn more.

Virtual Summit October 27-28, 2018

Working with the Asteroid Goddesses

October 27-28, 2018

Join Demetra for a special presentation for Astrology University's upcoming summit: Astrology, Life Purpose and Destiny. Demetra presents The Ascendant Lord: Steering Towards Your Destiny. Watch free during the live presentation.

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