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Demetra George (PMAFA), M.A. Classics

Practicing astrology for more than 40 years, Demetra is inspired by classical antiquity and specializes in archetypal mythology and ancient techniques. She is the author of Astrology For Yourself, Asteroid Goddesses, Mysteries of the Dark Moon, Finding Our Way Through the Dark, and Astrology and the Authentic Self. She lives in Oregon, lectures internationally, and is Director of Research for the American Federationof Astrologers. Her forthcoming works include a translation and commentary of Ancient Hermetic Medical Astrology and a workbook entitled Traditional Astrology for Yourself. She offers astrological consultations, mentors individual students in all levels of astrological education, and currently gives monthly webinars adapting ancient techniques for contemporary practitioners.

Since 1992 Demetra has led more than 20 pilgrimages for astrologers and spiritual seekers to the sacred sites in Greece, Egypt, and India, and now Italy. The tours are a unique fusion of travel to sacred sites; seminars on myth, art, history, ancient literature; meditation and ritual; and personalizing the participants’ experiences and insights with archetypal astrology. Visit the photo gallery to see pictures of previous tours and

Over the years her co-facilitators have included Vicki Noble, Michael Mayer, Brian Clark, Melanie Reinhart, Dennis Harness, and Andrea Mirkana Pinkham. This year she welcomes Surjeet Anna, her former student who now has a thriving astrological practice in Italy and an accomplished academic scholar to share her expertise on the archaeology, art, history, culture, customs, and language of Southern Italy.

Surjeet Anna

Surjeet Anna was born in Berkeley, California, and earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Art History in the United States. She moved permanently to Sorrento in 1994, and has taught Ancient, Renaissance and Baroque art in the classroom and on-site for universities in Naples and Rome. A growing passion for astrology since the age of 14 led her to read Demetra George’s books and ask her for a private reading. A veil lifted on the meaning of Anna’s life purpose when Demetra shed light on the uncanny connections between her birth chart and the asteroids with names associated with the Bay of Naples, her adopted home. Since 2010 Demetra has been Anna’s mentor in the study of astrology, mythology and healing, and Anna now combines her metaphysical studies with art history as a professional astrologer. Her current research includes Sirens and their transformation over time in art, and how interpretations of the 12 houses connect with ancient art. Clients who come to Anna for private readings often ask about the karmic dynamics in romantic love and family relationships.