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Asteroid Wuhan

My friend and colleague Brenda Wilson alerted me to the movement of the asteroid Wuhan and its synchronicity with timing of the current pandemic. I am sharing her insightful article below. 

In brief, the asteroid Wuhan (discovered in 1980 at the Purple Mountain Observatory) entered into Capricorn in early January shortly before the Saturn Pluto conjunction. The average rate of speed for asteroids is about 1 degree every four days. Since then, it has been progressively passing over the South Node, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Saturn. It enters Aquarius mid-April, but by the end of May turns retrograde around 4 Aquarius and passes back over Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. It turns direct at the end of August, once again contacting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn until mid-November when it enters Aquarius for about the next four months. There it will prepare the way for the historic Jupiter Saturn conjunction near Winter Solstice.

Brenda has laid out the specific timeline and commentary for the rest of the year. You can obtain zodiacal positions for asteroid Wuhan through asteroid calculations. 

Boethius, one of the last of classical scholars, was imprisoned after the fall of Rome. There, he wrote his masterpiece, On the Consolation of Philosophy. We are all are so fortunate to have the consolation of astrology to nourish our minds during this period of forced isolation where, to the extent we are able, can cultivate our inner lives as a place of refuge.

Blessings to all of you and your families for a safe passage through these turbulent times 



By Brenda Wilson

Dedicated with Gratitude to Demetra George

Time for another installment of Asteroid Tales:  an astrological narrative of how Asteroids give us clues and point to what the fates decree!  What a Novel idea!

Our story today begins with the Saturn and Pluto Conjunction in the high traffic, 3rd decan of Capricorn in January 2020.  Astrologers have been grappling with the meaning, and expounding vague, ominous warnings for almost a decade. This is a Huge moment in time for  Astrologers. And now, also proving to be a story worthy of the history books. One amusing, descriptive key-word for March, from the Astro community , was the word “Soup” (I think that was Austin Coppocks’ coin).  Perhaps there is room for the key-word Soup within this tale of a killer respiratory pandemic that sneaks through all the human strongholds, thresholds and defenses and brings the traditional, capitalistic governments, societal structures and economies to their knees. (All of these are Capricorn Signatures, including the knees, and they are doubled-down with Saturn in Domicile, powerful and present in the sign.) 

Among astrologers there was unanimous and grave concern that this conjunction would be serious and life changing, but ALL possibilities were on the table.   We did not know what exact form it would take or that it would certainly become a Pandemic, specifically. We could only guess. I assert that we just might/could/would have seen this transit with more detail and specificity, if we were to pay attention to the Astroids conjuncting the degrees of the conjunction event, or in this case, basically the whole Decan!  Awareness of the asteroidal participants may add more precision in the form of materia, to our predictions. It would be fascinating to see ephemerides for all the asteroids in Capricorn during this Saturn Pluto conjunction to find other clues that are presenting themselves. Play with that idea if you like. 

Regarding the Coronavirus time frame:  If you think things are gonna go back to normal by Easter, think again! According to current Asteroid and Astronomical weather, you might want to plan for the long haul, 2021, and beyond. 

In it’s brighter moments, this Pandemic may have wide reaching effects and may give us broad new opportunities to rethink structures and rebuild a better world that serves all creatures in the pursuits of life, liberty and happiness (rather than the pursuit of money).

Let me unpack this for you here: Enter the Wuhan Asteroid/ Emergence

Our tale begins at the Time of Hallows Eve 2019 when the veil between the worlds is thin, flowers and beautiful skeletons innocently decorate the world cultures in the remembrance of those that are dead. It is a time of death in the Northern Hemisphere, when leaves dry up and trees go dormant and the cold rushes in. An asteroid, named Wuhan, in orbit between Mars and Jupiter, quietly sits at  the end of the first Decan of Sagittarius, applying to a conjunction with the USA’s Ascendent degree at 12’ Sagittarius (Sibley Chart). 

Here on Halloween, The troemper asteroid sits  at 21’ Capricorn conjuncting Pluto and the Pluto /Saturn conjunction point , and making a huge opposition in  Trump’s own personal natal chart in 6th and 12 houses . During this time, impeachment is looming. The presidential  natal chart becomes also, a USA chart, for the duration of the presidency (as per Demetra).

As the Sun moves from the Anoretic/ crisis degree of Scorpio (in USA’s 12th house of undoing) and into the Cusp of Sagittarius, the Wuhan Asteroid simultaneously passes over the US Ascendant degree. An Anoretic degree is the final degree of any sign, holding weight of all previous degrees, as a crisis point. It is in this moment the Novel Corona Virus emerges in China. 

The Wuhan Asteroid is co-present with Jupiter at this time in domicile of Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is a wild and animistic sign of foreign cultures and rapid expansion that it is extreme when out of balance. Wuhan Asteroid and Jupiter ( US chart Ruler) make many contacts in this timeline, and dance with each other through Capricorn (Jupiter’s fall) making mischief in the US Financial Markets and opposing the USA Stellium in the 8th house of Death.  This first house here indicates the face or corpulence of our Country, or in other words, the body, specifically peopled bodies. This Coronavirus symbolically and correspondingly enters the body through the face, the front door or first house, so to speak.

As a side note : the USA Sibley natal chart, Wuhan Asteroid is parked on ominous fixed demon star Algol degree.  And that happens to coincide with Donald Trump’s ominous Natal Median Coli, also on the Algol degree.  USA has Pan(demic) Asteroid in 9th house of foreign lands. And Chaos Asteroid is in the USA 10th house is conjunct Neptune. China Asteroid is conjunct Saturn in USA natal chart as well.   

On Dec 31 2019 Wuhan Asteroid 29’  Anoretic/ Crisis degree Sagittarius. 

Chinese Health Officials inform World  Health Organization of mysterious, virulent infectious pneumonia. They then close a wet seafood/meat market that most of the patients visited. The virus is believed to have originated with the Wild Animal Trade. (symbolic Sag/Animistic origins). Thankfully the Wild Animal Trade is  already now outlawed, in China. The pangolin is the suspected vector is and an endangered species that was still being trafficked. I am happy for this success for the pangolins to have humans kept at bay, and fear for the huge karmic repercussions for engaging in cruel poaching practices, for all the humans. Wuhan asteroid now applying to the karmic, Saturnian/Capricorn cusp to be co-present for upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which is already within the same degree orb at 22 Capricorn.  

Jan 10 Sun/ Mercury Cazimi , 19’ Capricorn 

It is on his day that the health authorities identify the emerging threat as a deadly novel Coronavirus, a microscopic coronated virus. 

The radiant light of the Sun, with it’s own a glorious and illustrious Corona, is Cazimi with the Archon of Intelligence. This moment casts the illuminating light and shines the truth to a shocked world. 

China also records it’s first death as the Wuhan Asteroid makes its debut into Capricorn.

Jan 12 – Exact Saturn Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn at 22’ with Wuhan now co-present in Capricorn.

Jan 13 – With the first case outside China reported in Thailand, the virus jumps borders, symbolic of the Wuhan Asteroid crossing the boundary/cusp into Capricorn, and moving into new territory.  (earth sign, governments, border crossings, invasions).

The sun moves to 22’ Capricorn, the place Pluto occupied in November, when  this virus emerged in the Wuhan meat market.

Here the Sun again illuminates the Plutonian Destructive phase and pathway. Corona time is at hand. 

Jan 20 – First US Case reported.  

Jan 21 – First USA case in Washington is hospitalized. Sun at anoretic/crisis degree Capricorn. 

Jan 22 – Trump claims “we have it totally under control”.

Jan 23 – Wuhan city goes into Quarantine 2 days before New Year of The Rat, 2020

Quarantine is severe, locking  people down when many want to travel home for the holiday. They cannot even go to the store. Food is delivered. Rat years are legendary for being associated with plague/ disease.  In this case it was a scaly anteater. 

Wuhan Asteroid now at 5 degrees Capricorn

Wuhan Asteroid just  separating here from the Degree of malefic S. Node Solar Eclipse/ Dec 25. and also beginning to activate degrees recently held by Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, South Node and even Pluto , other eclipse points and disrupting the USA Cancer Stellium with an opposition, and activating the   2nd(financial sector)/ vs 8th house(death/ shared resources/ government support) dynamic. Buckle UP!!

Jan 30 – WHO declares Pandemic. Wuhan asteroid 10’ Capricorn, applying conjunction with Jupiter in his Fall. I see Jupiter in fall  here like a gas pedal and Wuhan, the lead footed speed freak! Saturn is the Lord of Karma and Pluto the destroyer in 1‘ orb conjunction. 

Jan 31 – US bans travel from China

Feb 2 – 1st death outside China. 

Feb 7 – Chinese Doctor/ Whistleblower dies. He warned authorities, but was reprimanded and was forced to sign a letter stating he falsely communicated and made an error.

Chinese hashtag : # we want freedom of speech # emerged.

Feb 8 – First American dies in Beijing as Moon, domiciled in Cancer , lighting up USA Stellium in 8th house of death.

Feb 9 – Death toll rising and malefic Mars is moving into Anoretic/crisis degree of Sag. (USA ‘s body/ first house)

Feb 11 – CoVid 19 named by WHO. Situation rapidly accelerating. 

Feb 21 – USA stock market crashes, with Mars now in Capricorn. CoVid cases spiking in Iran/ Italy/ S. Korea.

Feb 26 – First case emerges in California without a clear source, suggesting community spread.  Trump claims US is “really prepared” and calls the coronavirus the democrats ‘new hoax’. At this point the troemper asteroid has moved into Pisces moving with Mercury in its fall, in retrograde  phase and also moving over Neptune. Here the truth is as clear as mud soup. 

Mike Pence named to head US response team. 

Feb 29 – First US death on USA soil 

Mar 9 – Black Monday. USA  Stock Market Crashes again. Worst drop since great recession/ 2008.  All US states declare state of  emergency. Wuhan Asteroid conjunct Jupiter (USA chart ruler in fall) at 21 degrees Capricorn.

Malefic Mars also then conjuncts Jupiter 22’ (PLUTO SATURN Conj point) with 

Wuhan at 23‘Capricorn

Pluto 24’ Capricorn and  

Saturn 29 Anoretic/ Crisis Degree of Domicile Capricorn. 

March 13 – Trump declares a National Emergency. 

Things have now come to a head, and governmental bodies start taking action. 

At this point we are looking at the situation of a fox now in the hen house. This tiny, free floating strand of malefic genetic material, has monopolized and manipulated all the hidden weaknesses of our first world global societies. It’s novelty, difficult testing procedures, challenge to ventilator capacity , asymptomatic exposure , etc. have brought a huge  conundrum and challenge to our most treasured structures and systems of the world.   

March 15  – “The Ides of March are come”(Caesar Joked)  “Aye Caesar, but not Gone” , replied the Seer…                                   Julius Caesar/ Shakespeare the Ides of March!!! 

March 16 – Social Distancing practice being recommended, and Businesses begin to close. People began self quarantining  and isolating . Those with symptoms ask for tests, with no tests offered until hospitalization requires it. Many states under reporting data because tests are not at the forefront of the containment strategy.  

March 20 – NY Governor Andrew Cuomo orders all non-essential workers home. People start to see something presidential about Governor Cuomo. 

March 23 – Shelter in Place orders Nationwide by Each Governor, Arizona man dies following

Presidents remarks on possible vaccines for anti-malarial drugs. 

March 26 – US overtakes China with most Coronavirus Cases.

March 27 – US surpasses 100,000 cases, as Trump touts “great success” Mercury still in Fall, now direct Pisces, but conjunct Neptune. . Our ventilator capacity is 55,000. Trump wants to open Country back and restart economy. Fauci insists on current quarantine practices until at least May. Alabama bucks and refuses to shut down. Some people still believe it is a hoax. 

April 5 –  Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24’ Capricorn, Wuhan Asteroid passing over this point,   with Lesser Malefic Mars at Anoretic/Crisis Degree Capricorn and   applying to a conjunction with the Greater Malefic Saturn at 1‘ Aquarius. The   Wuhan Asteroid  travels all the way though Capricorn and then stops at the 4’ of   Aquarius to RETROGRADE this summer back to the 19’ of Capricorn   to conjunct Jupiter ( US chart ruler/ in fall).

April 15 – Wuhan Asteroid moves to 29’ Anoretic/Crisis degree of Capricorn to conjoin Saturn. 

At this point in our Cautionary tale, we are only half way through.  Maybe we get a tiny break here with Wuhan in Aquarius?  I am thinking not, Saturn is present in orb , and totally ruling Capricorn/ Aquarius cusp, it is HIS cusp! And, unless we are doing it right, he is a taskmaster and Karmic Lord, he asks for acknowledgement and meters out consequence. 

So here is what to watch:

Wuhan Asteroid retrogrades May 30.  

By June 30, Wuhan asteroid is back to that pesky 2’ Aquarius (USA/troemper degree) with Saturn(karma)  present at 1’ Aquarius.  It is here that Jupiter Pluto makes another exact conjunction at 24‘ Cap. A hot degree that Wuhan revisits again  and again in retrograde and final direct motions.

July 4 USA Birthday,  might be a subdued, moody and sad day for America with the Sun at 13’ Cancer natally, it is on this degree and on this day, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Cancer at  9: 45 Pacific time. This signifies an ending or a culmination of  some kind in the US house of death, taxes and shared finances. 

July 30 – Wuhan asteroid  moves back to conjunct Pluto at 24’ near Saturn retrograde at 27’.

Aug 30 – Wuhan Asteroid travels back to 19’ Capricorn (Sun/Mercury Cazimi pt) where it  conjuncts Jupiter again and stations direct with a squaring gaze from Malefic Mars, now in its retrograde shadow in Aries, and also squaring Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.  

Oct 26 – Wuhan makes its final pass over Pluto to meet Saturn, the greater malefic, again at 26’ Capricorn.

Nov 30 – Wuhan Asteroid finally moves on to Aquarius. Leaving Mars to finish the transit by squaring Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn from Aries, still in Retrograde cycle.  

Dec 2020 – Stay tuned for Jupiter Saturn Conjunction at  0’ Aquarius, reviving all the energy from the past year, over this highly sensitized point, where Wuhan, Saturn and Mars have passed.  The world awaits Jupiter with baited breath in this moment. The final performance of this cosmic dance will be the Pluto return for the USA in 2022 and ingress of Pluto into Aquarius in 2023-2024.

Did I mention that 2020 is cancelled?   

At least, I can see that this is going to be a tenuous and extended time of introversion, distance and introspection. And what an appropriate way to spend  Saturn in Aquarius, but by Mandatory Aloofness? The astrological omens are good for that! It is time to keep safe and revive parts of us that have been forgotten. We will all have to adapt to a new normal, and recreate what we are missing in our lives.  We are all in a time cocoon with opportunity to emerge a butterfly, if we choose. I see this as a calling for that. Fate is what happens to us and Free Will is how we respond. (I just heard Rick Levine say that , and I like it) We can choose to get materialistic and go into fear, or we can witness as a neutral observer , present to what the moment is trying to teach. We are on the precipice of great change that we all know is desperately needed for our world, at this time.  We have free will to choose our individual response and we can find freedom in maintaining dominion and control of that response. This is where OUR power lies. I am choosing to take this opportunity to make better choices for myself and the world. The birds seem happier today, the world is quiet and the pollution and destruction is at a standstill. My advice in this moment would be to reinvent and call forward what is missing from your life. Innovate, Evolve. And Get Active! Use this precious time wisely.

And PS. Angelic asteroids abound in these charts I have been discussing too. We will heal with patience and generosity.  The Asclepius ( healer/doctor) asteroid is at the Wuhan Retrograde point at 4 Aquarius on Dec. 15, 2020, just as the asteroid Angel has passes over the US Ascendant degree. This activity is just prior to the Jupiter Saturn Exact conjunction. Maybe and angel force will join us here on earth for that, to show us that  love really is our only way out! 

If you want to find Wuhan in your chart the asteroid number is 3206. China asteroid  is 1125.

Timeline taken from Business Insider Article March 2020. Corresponding Astrological data researched and compiled by Brenda Wilson, of Good Heavens Astrology,  using Asteroid and Planet Ephemerides.

Brenda Wilson, Good Heavens Astrology

Brenda presents us with a fun fusion of eclectic gifts from distant corners of the galaxy. She is a creative writer, by way of naturalist, herbalist, botanist, anatomist, astrologer, tarot reader and massage therapist. She is servant and observant of the wild creatures and natural phenomena. She has worked with wild birds, wild plants, wild gardens and wild humans of the best kind.  Her educational background includes an associates degree in English and Creative Writing, plus 30 years of study in astrology and tarot. 

Brenda is available for astrology and tarot spiritual counseling sessions, by appointment.