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Biden’s VP’s and Personal Names Asteroids

Biden VP

Amidst all the speculation concerning which woman Biden will choose as his running mate in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, I thought I’d turn to see if the personal name asteroids could provide any clues from as astrological perspective. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, Tammy Duckworth, Stacey Abrams, Val Deming, Michelle Grisham, Karen Bass and others are currently been considered as candidates.

Among the 20,000 asteroids which can be easily placed in charts, many thousands carry the people’s first and last names. When a certain name is prominently placed in a chart, individuals whose name resonates to that vibrational sound can become significant in the life. Asteroid Signatures, a new 4-week online course that I will start on July 13, will take you through the process of revealing this amazing sub-stratum of astrological insights.

Joe Biden has clearly articulated that the two qualities that head his list for a Vice-President are (1) that the person shares his values and policies and (2) be ready and capable of immediately taking over as President should it be necessary. And there is tremendous momentum for him to choose a Black or other woman of color. Looking at the list of asteroids calculated for his chart (Nov. 20, 1942; 8:30am; Scranton, PA), I placed as many of the first and last name asteroids of the women above. After August 1st, when Biden decides, I will explore that chart in greater detail.

Several women stand out. The first is Susan Rice. The asteroid Susanna at 28 Scorpio is conjunct Biden’s Sun at 27 Scorpio and Venus at 28 Scorpio, linking her to his own sense of life purpose and values. The asteroid Riceia is at 8 Sagittarius, close to his 3 Sag. Ascendant and more important to his Juno at 8 Sag., which I demonstrated last month in the two-set Asteroid Goddess 2020 webinars, was the key asteroid signifying both the women’s movement and the civil-rights movement which have been connected since the nineteenth century. 

The next person of interest is Stacey Abrams. The asteroid Stacey is a 25 Gemini rx and the asteroid Abramson is at 26 Gemini rx. Here is an example where both first and last names happen to be conjunct. They fall in Biden’s seventh house, the place of partnership. While they do not make close aspects to any other major planet or point in the chart, they are opposite the asteroid Josephina at 24 Sag. in in Biden’s first house, re-emphasizing the theme of the interactive balance with self and partner. As an aside, Abrams South Node at 28 Gemini is conjunct Stacey Abramson 25-26 Gemini in Bidens chart.

Kamala Harris is often ranked as first choice. There is no asteroid Kamala, but I did find an asteroid Kama, which I use speculatively. It is at 11 Taurus rx, in a too-wide conjunction to his Moon at 0 Taurus, but in a very close opposition to his twelfth house Mars at 12 Scorpio. This might suggest an adversarial relationship. However, because Mars, from a traditional perspective, signifies Biden’s enemies, Kamala might be a fierce warrior defending him from attacks by others. The intensity of the relationship is further indicated by the asteroid Harris at 9 Leo conjunct Biden’s Pluto in the ninth house of foreign affairs. She may well take her prosecutorial skills into the tangle of international disputes. As an aside, her natal Dsc., South Node, and Lot of Fortune are all 24 Sagittarius conjunct Bidens asteroid Josephina at 24 Sag.

I wondered if Elizabeth Warren might be highlighted in any way, but the chart indications based upon her name asteroids do not strongly suggest that. Elizabetha is at 15 Libra in Biden’s eleventh house making a too wide trine to Warren at 22 Gemini 49rx in his seventh (along with Stacey Abramson).

Here are the positions of the name asteroids in Joe Biden’s chart for the women introduced above.

Elizabeth Warren Elizabetha 15 Libra; Warren 22 Gemini rx

Kamala Harris (Kama 11 Taurus rx), Harris 9 Leo

Susan Rice Susanna 28 Scorpio, Riceia 8 Sagittarius

Tammy Duckworth Tammy 17 Libra

Val Deming Valeria 12 Aries

Stacey Abrams Stacey 25 Gemini rx, Abramson 26 Gemini rx

Michelle Grisham Michelle 7 Cancer rx, (Grissom 15 Libra)

Karen Bass Karen 1 Sagittarius, Bass 17 Libra

Keisha Lance Bottoms no named asteroids

Gretchen Whitmer no named asteroids

Amy Klobuchar Amy 12 Scorpio

Jill Biden FYI: (Jillwatson 20 Scorpio, conjunct Mercury 21 Scorpio lord of seventh)