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Mexico: Time Lords & the Moontide Muse


Soon March will rush in like a lion with its promise of springtime renewal, and my mind turns towards the forthcoming April retreat in the highlands of central Mexico. We will celebrate the Lunar Mysteries which I explored in depth while writing Mysteries of the Dark Moon in the late 1980’s. The tides on the Oregon Coast set the rhythms of my daily life during that period where, by day, I could look at the ocean from my windows and by night, bathe in the moonlight, as the sounds of the ocean rose and fell in accordance with the phases of the moon shining upon my sleeping body.

Evelyn Roberts of Heaven and Earth Workshops has invited me to reawaken that lunar muse and share the maturation of these teachings in a sacred space in Mexico next month. In turn I invite those of you who hear the murmurs of the MoonTideMuse to join us for a very personal immersion into the deep spaces of soul work inspired by our astrological chart.

Hellenistic and Vedic astrological systems contain time lord procedures that divide the whole of the life into discrete chapters of varying lengths of years, each under the governance of a succession of planetary time lords that depict the ebb and flow of our lives.  For modern astrologers, it is the progressed lunation cycle (reintroduced by Dane Rudhyar in 1936) that serves that function. The Moon Goddess’s celestial dance with the Sun God taps out the rhythm of successive 30-year cycles of our lives consisting of eight- 3 ½  year periods, which chart the beginning, culmination, completion, and renewal of our evolving life purpose. 

The retreat opens with an overview of how the MoonTideMuse has set the time table for when we flow in accordance with the increasing and decreasing light of the cosmic rhythms that move our lives and for when we descend into the secret dark periods where the mysteries of transformation take place.

From there we move onto the goddesses who preside over the great mystery and discover which of these goddesses presides over each of our individual lives, so that we can recognize our guide. And finally the progressed moon times our rites of initiation into the successive stages of her mysteries as we ripen from puberty to maturity. Understanding the specific seemingly ordinary life events that served as modern day initiatory experiences allows us to see through into the sacred dimension, reframe our past and envision our future.

New Release – Pluto, Ceres and the Lunar Nodes

Pluto Ceres and the Lunar Nodes

I’ve just released a program I recorded at the Evolutionary Astrology Conference on Pluto, Ceres and the Nodes. An understanding of Pluto is the foundation of Evolutionary Astrology, and the central episode in his mythic biography is the abduction of Ceres’ (Demeter) daughter Persephone into the underworld. This talk explores the complex web of relationships that are constellated in Pluto/Ceres/Persephone chart interactions and the implications of the recent reclassification of these two bodies as dwarf planets, equal in status, in the solar system.

Available in mp3 audio OR video download format. The video option includes download or streaming, your choice.