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Amazing Asteroid Tales

brad and angelina

This coming Saturday on the Summer Solstice, I will present the next webinar in the ongoing series on each of the twelve astrological houses. The Seventh House illuminates the relationships that we have with the ‘other’ – whether that person is our mate, business partner, opponent, or even our open enemy.

The symbolism of the Summer Solstice, which marks the culmination of the growth of the light force from its awakening at the Winter Solstice, is an apt metaphor for a discussion of the seventh house which likewise marks the polarity point of the growth of the individual’s awareness of self from its emergence in the first house. Deeper reflection about this sector brings us to consider how love and marriage can easily turn into strife and enmity – the dynamic dance of Venus and Mars.

As with the other webinars, in my preparation I already have way over the reasonable number of slides for the time allowed and was not able to get even near the role of the personal name asteroids in explaining why we are with the one we’re with. So I thought I’d give you some of my favorite amazing asteroid tales about the personal name asteroids in this newsletter.

Not only does this material wow and zow us, but also brings us to the edge of the mystery of the workings of astrological cosmos. Of the hundreds of thousands of asteroids orbiting in our solar system, many of them carry the names of ordinary people – James, Nancy, Laura, Robert. The astronomer who discovers the asteroid can name it and often the name chosen is to honor someone they know. But then will that asteroid refer to any other person who has the same name? Apparently – to some extent, the answer seems to be – yes. I keep the orbs small and look to minor asteroids connected with specific chart significators.

Angelina Jolie is in the news again with her film Maleficent (and more about that and the Dark Goddess in a future newsletter), but it reminded me about the asteroids Angelina and Bradley.

Brad Pitt has the asteroids Angelina and Pitt(ich) both at 28° Capricorn near his Moon/Venus and conjunct Angelina’s Descendant at 29° Capricorn. His karmic pattern indicates that when she marries, her name will be Angelina Pitt. In an ironic twist of fate, he has the asteroid Jennifer at 25° Cancer Rx opposite this point, signaling his past predicament as caught in the middle of their opposing tug over him. He has the asteroid Bradley at 14° Cancer conjunct Angelina’s Saturn at 19° Cancer, ruler of her 7th house of relationship, further cementing her union with him.

Angelina Jolie has the asteroid Pitt(ich) at 14° Aries conjunct her Moon (significator of legal marriage in Hellenistic astrology). Her Ascendant/Venus at 29° Cancer is conjunct the asteroid Frigga at 28° Cancer in Brad’s chart. Frigga is the Norse goddess of marriage, queen and wife of Odin.

Prince Charles of England has the asteroids Camilla and Parks conjunct his Venus in Libra within 15 minutes of arc. From the moment of his birth, someone carrying the vibration of these names had the central place in his heart.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had the names of both her husbands, John 24° Libra and Aristotle 26° Libra, opposite her Moon/Goldfinger asteroid at 25° Aries within a one-degree orb. Her final partner (whom she did not marry) was diamond merchant Maurice Tempelsman and the asteroids Maury and Tempel both at 26° Leo were conjunct her M.C. at 28° Leo.

If all is ultimately vibration – particles of light matter in motion, and sounds of names resonate to vibration, this might give us a clue as to the workings of how our astrological charts can show which names of other people draw us into attunement with our own nature and karmic pattern.

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