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Liz Cheney and Vesta’s Sacred Flame

While listening to Representative Liz Cheney speak during the televised January 6th hearings, my mind turned to wondering about her chart. (July 28, 1966; 11:57pm; Madison WI, AA Rodden). Elder daughter of former Vice-President Dick Cheney, she has long been known for her ultra conservative positions on political issues. More recently, her light shines brilliantly in her fierce determination to uncover the facts, contrary to most of her party, concerning what transpired during the breaching of the U.S. Capitol.

Her chart and life came into startling focus when I saw the asteroid Vesta co-present with her powerful Sun in Leo anchoring the fourth house – father, home, and homeland. A simple interpretation of the Sun in the fourth house would easily account for her identification with the policies of her father’s administration as well as her advocacy for the “values and Western way of life” of her home-state Wyoming.

However, it is Vesta that stands out as the defining archetype. The mythological goddess Vesta (Greek Hestia) tended the sacred flame on the hearth fire at the center of every home, on the public altar of every city-state, and in the temple of the Vestal Virgins in Rome. The eternal flame was thought to ensure the safety and cohesion of the family, city, and empire.

In 2009 Liz Cheney co-founded Keep America Safe, a nonprofit organization concerned with national security issues. In April 2022, she received John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award for her courageous defense of democracy. Cheney’s Leonine fire, inspired by Vesta’s sacred flame, now burns brightly in the center of the US Capitol building as she attempts to safeguard the country.

I will be looking more closely at Cheney’s chart in my upcoming August 13th webinar on the Lord of the Nativity. Now that both volumes of Ancient Astrology which detail this material are available, I am giving my first public talk on the Lord of the Nativity, also known as the Kurios. One of the ultimate aims of ancient astrology was to find the planet that was most in alignment with the fulfillment of a person’s destiny. Not every planet in the chart is a candidate, and it can often be a surprise which planet is revealed to be the one invested with this role of guidance towards self-realization. I’ll take you through the astrological technique that some thought led to the heart of the personal quest for spiritual liberation.