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Mysteries of the Dark Moon

The Dark Moon encompasses a lunar phase, the dark goddess archetype, women’s monthly and lifelong blood cycles, a vortex in the Moon’s orbit, the secrets of renewal following endings and death, and those of divination when opening into the ‘other world.’ Discover how you can personalize and access these dimensions through the many dark moon symbols in your chart.

I recently recorded a four-week Mysteries of the Dark Moon course for Astrology University. It includes teachings on the eight natal lunation phase types, the progressed dark moon phase, the Black Moon, and dark goddess asteroids such as Lilith, Oya, Medusa, Nephthys, Hecate, Persephone and others.

Whenever any of the dark moon significators are emphasized in the natal chart or activated by timing, we are pulled deep within to the unlit landscape of our psyche. We can encounter the most basic truths concerning who we are and what we know and believe to be true. Initially disturbing and unsettling, this insight challenges the carefully constructed persona and life story we present to others. When acknowledged, a process begins where we are compelled to cut through the false storylines, speak the truth, and risk shattering the security structures that simultaneously confine and demoralize us. Liberation and the freedom of authenticity stand on the other the side of this liminal dark moon passageway.

It’s been thirty years (1988-1992) since I wrote Mysteries of the Dark Moon. Now, timed with impeccable precision at reoccurrence of the same progressed lunation phase in my chart, there has been a resurgence of interest in these teachings.

An audiobook of Mysteries of the Dark Moon was released this year in addition to a Dutch translation and Portuguese translation.

Tony Howard (Astrology University) suggested that I present this material to the current generations of astrologers. This online course that can provide a guide and personal support for passing through the tumultuous times of this decade, one that can be likened to a global dark moon transition into the next new. I invite you to join me.

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