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Mythic Asteroids in Wonder Woman

Demetra George Greece 2017

I have just returned from Greece where I participated in an exquisite international conference in Crete hosted by Hakan Kirkoglu. The ambiance, hospitality, and quality of teachings were over the top with special bonus lectures from leading academics in Crete about their astounding new research regarding the astronomical knowledge of the Minoan Civilization.

I then took a personal holiday exploring some off-the-beaten-path sites I had always been interested in. Here is photo of me at a remote Artemis site that overlooks the village where my paternal grandfather was born. I began dreaming of two new tours I’d like to organize in 2019 and 2020 –An Astrologer’s Pilgrimage to Greece and The Greek Mysteries. Let me know if you’d like to be on the advance mailing list for these events.

Before I left Greece, I saw the movie Wonder Woman, which took place in the mythic land of the Amazons. It reignited my interest in this area of ancient history and while traveling I read The Last of the Amazons by Steven Pressfield. The sculptural pediments of the Acropolis, Delphi, and Olympia were covered with the great battles between the Amazons and Greeks, recalling distant historical or legendary memories of their attack on Athens in the age of Theseus in order to retrieve their queen Antiope who had been abducted or seduced.

Wonder Woman Premiere chart

Here is the chart (click to enlarge) of the world premiere of Wonder Woman (May 15, 2017; 6:00 pm; Shanghai, China). The asteroid Hippolyta, the Peace Queen of the Amazons, whose Girdle was the object one of Hercules’ Labors, at 20° Taurus, is conjunct the Descendant and Sun and trine to the asteroid Amazone. The asteroid Antiope, her sister the War Queen, at 0° Aries is conjunct morning star Venus, Goddess of War, near her greatest elongation from the Sun and the domicile lady of the Sun/Hippolyta. Note how the Peace Queen is in the domicile of Venus while the War Queen is in the domicile of Mars reflecting the sensibilities of these two queens in myth and in the movie.

The heroine of Wonder Woman is Diana, known to the Greeks as Artemis. The Amazons worshipped Artemis and this asteroid at 5° Libra opposes Antiope and Venus in the premiere chart. The protagonist in the film is Ares (Mars), whom Diana must destroy in order to save the world. Mars is the ruler of the Scorpio Ascendant of the film premiere and placed in the 8th house of death. I continue to be amazed by the amazing asteroids as they figure in the inception charts of films.

Eclipse Panel Discussion

The “Great American Eclipse” is the topic of a panel webinar that I will participate in along with Lynn Bell and Kelly Surtees. It will take place on On Saturday July 22. We will discuss the connections between the eclipse chart and that of President Trump, as the leader of a country is traditionally identical to the fate of the nation. Two years ago, when I began to examine the chart of Donald Trump, I noted that the Moon, as ruler of his 12th house of enemies, was located in the 5th house of children. I was then puzzled as to how his children could be his enemy. In the light of recent events, it may be his son and his son-in-law who are his secret enemies and unwittingly will be the cause of his undoing and demise. I’ll talk about this – and more – in the webinar.