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The Uncharted Territory of 2024


2024 promises to be a riveting year with Pluto’s imminent ingress into Aquarius, which is one of the three ‘human’ image signs of the zodiac. Over the next two decades, Pluto will pressure us to transform our understanding of what it means to be human in the age of AI. 

April begins with another Great American Solar Eclipse whose path of totality crosses that of the 2017 eclipse path passes over the New Madrid Fault Zone, in the vicinity where Missouri, Kentucky and Southern Illinois border. This may foreshadow seismic shocks to the American political landscape during this election year as well as shock each individual to a sudden awakening. 

Several weeks later Jupiter conjoins Uranus, galvanizing creative and liberating breakthroughs in conventional thinking. Meanwhile, Saturn advances towards Neptune throwing down the gauntlet to distinguish reality from delusion, then retreats; and resumes the charge in 2025. 

As we look to astrology to help us better foresee the indications of the times ahead, I’ve been asked to present another in-person five-day intensive retreat on Hellenistic Time Lords that will take place in June 2024 in Longmont, CO. Discover the hidden power of ancient timing techniques and learn how to use Circumambulations/Directions through the Bounds, Planetary Periods and Ascensional Times of the Signs, Zodiacal Releasing from the Lots of Fortune and Spirit, and Annual Profections with the Solar

This retreat will build upon the foundational doctrines of Hellenistic astrology – how a planet’s condition shapes its interpretation in the house it occupies and the houses it rules. Time lords point to periods in the life when planet’s natal potentials become activated and a person experiences the helpful and challenging issues that they indicate. Nested time lords provide both the broader overview as well as specifics details to better navigate ‘the times that are a-changin’.  

For those who want to pursue their studies of Hellenistic astrology or prepare for the Time Lords Retreat, my comprehensive course on Interpreting the Houses with live Q&A sessions will be offered online for the first time through Astrology University during February 2024.  My online courses Planetary Condition Introduction and Planetary Condition Advanced are also available for study with instant access. Recommended texts for these courses are Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice, Vols. 1 & 2.  

As we are carried into the uncharted territory of this year ahead, my gratitude goes out to the astrological community who learn, hold onto for a period of time, and then pass along the teachings so we remember how to align our compass to the stars to help us find our way. 

Retreat registration opens Thursday January 18. 

Registration for Interpreting the Houses online also opens Thursday January 18. Watch your email for the announcement!