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Why Calculate A Chart By Hand?

calculate astrology chart

How to Calculate a Chart by Hand, an intensive online four-week plus bonus class with live Q&A, begins on July 17, 2023. It will take place during a Venus retrograde, the weeks when the mythic Sumerian goddess Inanna identified with the planet Venus, descended into the underworld as an evening star, died, and was reborn as a morning star. 

I wonder to what extent the celestial journey of a planetary goddess can provide a sacred container for this class.

Until forty years ago, the first and most fundamental act of being an astrologer was knowing how to cast a chart, bringing the positions of celestial bodies down to earth at the time and place of a person’s birth.

Some scholars have suggested that during the ancient period this was a secret teaching, available only to initiates. Computers have now made the necessity of hand calculations obsolete, but the knowledge of how to do so is also being lost. 

It was once mastery of this very hand-crafted art that gave a person the authority to rightfully claim the title astrologer.

As Venus spends the summer moving through the invisible realm, I encourage those of you who hear her call to likewise go down and under to reclaim this ancient hidden teaching. 

During this liminal period, immerse yourself in the profound meditative state that learning to hand calculate a chart can provide. And, like the morning star return strong and confident, having obtained the precious knowledge that belongs to you and all those astrologers before you knew. 

My course covers the use of basic arithmetic for working with degrees, hours, and minutes in order to calculate planetary longitude and declination as well as the MC, Ascendant, and intermediate house degrees in the Placidus House system with adaptations for Whole Sign, Equal and Porphyry house systems. Includes the astronomy of the great circles. Plus a bonus class on using interpolation tables and calculations for day/night Lot of Fortune.

This course will also prepare you to take the calculations part of the AFA and NCGR certification exams.

I hope you’ll join me.


New Course: How to Calculate a Chart By Hand

  • 6+ hours of instruction.
  • Self-guided class with pre-recorded lessons, exercises and examples.
  • Two live Q&A sessions with Demetra: July 27 and August 10 at 11am Pacific time.
  • $197 (if registered by July 15; $225 thereafter)

Recommended textbook: Simply Math by Lauran Fowks

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