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Learn Astrology With Demetra

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Demetra teaches her unique blend of traditional and modern astrology online, at conferences and in-person workshops.

Demetra’s early work with the asteroids is now legendary. Browse her asteroid recordings here.

Read Demetra’s classic book Asteroid Goddesses for an introduction for interpreting the asteroids.

Study Online

Study with Demetra any time through her many books and online classes. Many of her webinars and recordings are available here on her site.

Find long-form online courses with Demetra at Astrology University.

The Houses in Astrology

Demetra recorded a series of 12 webinars for Astrology University exploring the history and meaning of the houses in astrology from ancient through modern perspectives. They were instant classics and are a must for any serious astrology student’s library.

You can now watch the entire series as an online course.

In this twelve-part series, Demetra George provides an in-depth discussion on each the twelve houses. In one of the most comprehensive teachings on the astrological houses, Demetra traces the meaning of each house from past to present, exploring traditional meanings while illuminating their evolving meaning through the present modern interpretations.

ANCIENT ASTROLOGY TextbookS for Serious Students

Ancient Astrology Demetra George

To get started learning Hellenistic astrology, get your copy of Demetra’s book Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques, Volume I: Assessing Planetary Condition

This extensive introduction serves as a training manual for the study and practice of Hellenistic astrology. It provides the complete foundations and detailed dynamics of ancient chart-reading techniques. Each technique is richly illustrated with diagrams, example charts, and practical exercises.

The first volume of two, this book focuses on assessing planetary condition.

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Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques, Volume II: Delineating Planetary Meaning

If the planets are the essential forces ruling life in the sublunary world, the houses are the principles that bring them down to earth and ground them in our everyday reality. Volume two begins by exploring the ancient house system-the twelve topics or places of life-in order to provide a synthesis of planet-based and house-based approaches to distilling meaning from a chart. It then explores the different systems for delineating the rulers and lords of the nativity as a whole. Like the helmsman’s rudder that steers the vessel through the waters of existence, the masters and lords of the nativity provide the overarching principles that guide the native’s path through life.

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