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Learn Traditional Astrology

The past decade has been an exciting time for astrology. Many new translations of ancient astrological texts have been released, shining light on once-popular but now rarely used foundational techniques in astrology. Sorting through this information, and testing it, can be a daunting task. That’s why it can be helpful to study with someone who has a head-start in that process. And there are few teachers as qualified as Demetra to guide you in your studies.

Demetra has been immersed in this material for years, and is now making it available to students via pre-recorded audio programs here on her website. You’ll learn how to work with techniques like sect and planetary joys, while learning how to evaluate each planet’s strength and sphere of influence.

With Demetra’s excellent teaching skills, you’ll find yourself competent in these ancient methods in no time. You’ll work from the ground up, beginning with Traditional Astrology 101. And once you feel comfortable, you can add another layer with the second program in this series, Traditional Astrology 201.

At that point students who wish to go deeper can explore the many special topics programs available, or attend her annual in-person retreat in Oregon. Also make sure to sign up for Demetra’s newsletter so stay updated about future releases, webinars, and live workshops.

Get started today with Traditional Astrology 101!

Traditional Astrology 101

Traditional Astrology 101

Learn traditional astrology from the ground up with this first program in a new series based on Demetra’s forthcoming workbook Traditional Astrology for Yourself.

Demetra explains how to easily incorporate traditional astrology techniques into a modern astrological practice. She begins with a brief over view of the history and context of traditional astrology and then introduces the foundational techniques including sect, a deeper understanding of malefic and benefic planets, the first two of four systems of rulership (domicile and exaltation), houses (including meaning, strength, and favorability), aspects, solar and lunar considerations.

$45 | 6 hours | mp3 format | Includes all class handouts.