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The 2000s marked an exciting time for astrology. Many new translations of ancient astrological texts were released, shining light on once-popular but now rarely used foundational techniques in astrology. Sorting through this information, and testing it, can be a daunting task. That’s why it can be helpful to study with someone who has a head-start in that process. And there are few teachers as qualified as Demetra to guide you in your studies.

Demetra has been immersed in this material for years, and is now making it available to students via online courses and audio programs available through Astrology University and here on her website. You can learn how to work with techniques like sect and planetary joys, while learning how to evaluate each planet’s strength and sphere of influence.

With Demetra’s excellent teaching skills, you’ll find yourself competent in these ancient methods in no time.

Access to Astrology’s History and Tradition

Demetra’s teaching is centered, clear and very accessible. Her passion for history and mythology provides a rich tapestry for the unfolding of your astrological understanding.

The foundations of western horoscopic astrology took shape during the Hellenistic Era, and over a period of 600 years hundreds of astrological texts were written in Greek and Latin by authors from the many lands surrounding the Mediterranean Basin. The founders of astrology include Hermes, Manilius, Teucer, Dorotheus, Valens, Antiochus, Ptolemy, Porphyry, Firmicus Maternus, Hephaistio of Thebes, Paul of Alexandria, and Rhetorius of Egypt.

In following centuries, astrology disappeared in the West. With the fall of the Roman Empire knowledge of Greek was lost and the texts could no longer be read. In addition, astrological divination was outlawed by the Christian Church. Some of these texts made their way to India, Persia, and the Islamic Empire where they were translated into other languages and the doctrines adapted to the new host cultures.

However due to errors of omission and error as well as innovation of new ideas, the kind of astrology that was reintroduced into Europe during the 12th century translations into Latin was of a different breed than the Hellenistic formulations. A number of the original texts were copied by monks onto manuscripts during the Byzantine era, but for the most part they lay buried and forgotten in the archives of monasteries, museums, and private collections.

In the early 1900’s a group of European scholars headed by Franz Cumont initiated a projected to collect the astrological manuscripts from libraries and museums all over the world and to create critical editions of the major texts. This project, the Catalog of Greek Astrological Codices (CCAG), took fifty years to complete. Beginning in the 1980’s a number of American astrologers undertook the mission to translate these texts and others from Greek and Latin into English.

As a result, the astrological community now has the majority of its original foundation texts all together in the English language for the first time since they were composed almost 2000 years ago. It is now possible to study, learn, and understand how astrology was conceptualized and practiced at the beginning of the tradition. Each time that the Hellenistic Greek texts have been translated into other languages, it has sparked a renaissance of astrological thinking. You are invited participate in this rare, special, and exciting opportunity that is being presented to astrologers at the dawn of the 21st century to connect with your tradition.

Demetra has been translating, reconstructing, and teaching traditional astrology for twelve years. She offers a program of personalized individual tutoring that will assist you in learning not only the basic doctrines of traditional astrology, but also how to integrate them with your practice of modern psychological astrology.

Hellenistic Astrology Training

For many years Demetra taught students in-person how to analyze charts using ancient Hellenistic techniques. Now you can study these techniques with Demetra online.

Take the following courses in this order for best results.

Order Demetra’s two textbooks for the most complete teaching available: Ancient Hellenistic Astrology vol. 1 (establishing planetary condition) and Ancient Hellenistic Astrology vol. 2 (applying traditional analysis to the houses).

Training One: Hellenistic Astrology Planetary Condition Introduction

This beginner’s guide to the basic principles of Hellenistic Astrology will teach you how to interpret charts using ancient techniques so that you can incorporate them into your modern sensibilities and perspectives.

Training TWO: Hellenistic Astrology Planetary Condition ADVANCED

This course presents the advanced Hellenistic principles of planetary condition that will enable you to fully understand how a person experiences the strengths, challenges and various outcomes indicated by each of the traditional planets in terms of modern sensibilities.

Training THREE: Hellenistic Astrology Interpreting the Houses

Learn all about the houses as the basic topics of life, what they mean and how to interpret them. We will retreat into the world of ancient astrology during this five-day online intensive.

We will delve into the ancient meanings, secret doctrines, and hidden strengths associated with each of the twelve places of life and apply them to the concerns of twenty-first century life. We will interpret a planet in a house, learning how its essential nature and condition alter and refine the delineation.

Training FOUR: Hellenistic Astrology Predictive Techniques

Discover the host of ancient timing techniques that have been recently revealed due to the translations of primary source Greek and Latin astrological texts. During this five-day retreat, we will delve into the toolbox of the ancient astrologer regarding “time lords” and learn how to use the timing procedures of:

  • Circumambulations through the Bounds
  • Planetary Periods and Ascensional Times of the Signs
  • Zodiacal Releasing from the Lots of Fortune and Spirit
  • Annual Profections with the Solar Return

Live Workshop: June 13 – 17, 2024 (5 full days) in Longmont, CO