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New Book Release!

Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice

Sending you all the very best wishes for the New Year 2019. May it bring you good health, long life, prosperity, happiness, and success in your endeavors.

I am so happy that Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques (Volume One) is now released. A blessed New Year’s gift to me. It has taken many years to distill these teachings of our ancient astrological wisdom tradition. I thank my teachers, students, colleagues, and editor Dr. Aaron Cheak who participated with me in this process.

You can order the book here. The price is listed in New Zealand dollars. Your order will be converted to your currency.

Anticipating the book’s release in November, Chris Brennen and I recorded a conversation at that time for his Astrology Podcast. He aired it a few days ago and you can listen here

We will also be sharing a great little extract from the book entitled The First Five Steps in Learning Traditional Astrology on the Rubedo Press blog. Please share this announcement with anyone whom you think may be interested in this work in order to help spread the word.

The official publisher’s announcement:

Rubedo Press is pleased to announce the official release of Demetra George’s new book, Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques (Volume One).

We know that many of you are very excited about this book, and we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your support and your patience in the manifestation of this volume. It really has made the world of difference. Almost twenty years in the making, this work is the culmination of decades of research, translation, and practical application in the world of Hellenistic astrology. Richly illustrated with a wealth of exercises, tables, and diagrams, this volume skillfully harnesses the chart-reading techniques of the ancient world for the modern practitioner.

The purpose of Volume One is to provide a solid, detailed foundation for the practice of Hellenistic Astrology. It does this by laying down a series of rigorous methods for evaluating each planet in a birth chart through the lenses of classification (sect, gender, benefic/malefic), signs and rulerships (residences, reception, exaltation, trigons, bounds), the solar phase cycle (speed, direction, visibility, phase, phasis), lunar considerations (course, phases, bonding, nodes, bending, eclipses, prenatal lunation), and aspects (configurations, witnessing, testimony, bonification, maltreatment, adherence, overcoming, rays). Finally, it brings all of these factors together in a powerful synthesis that unlocks the layers of a chart with unrivaled precision.

A number of authorities on traditional astrology have stepped forward to offer their praise and testimony for Demetra’s work. Chris Brennan, author of Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune, writes:

“This book provides a comprehensive overview of the techniques of what has come to be known as Hellenistic astrology, which was practiced in the Mediterranean region around the time of the Roman Empire. This is not meant to be a purely historical survey, but is instead designed with the intent of teaching contemporary astrologers how to use ancient astrology in practice. The goal of the book, then, is to help revive an astrological tradition that has been lost for centuries until now. […] In many ways this book represents the culmination of numerous threads in Demetra’s life, and the intersection of several paths that have made her uniquely qualified to help revive and teach ancient astrology.”

Dr. Benjamin Dykes, one of the most prolific translators of the ancient Greek and Arabic textual traditions, comments:

“Demetra George’s Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice is the culmination of decades of study and teaching in traditional astrology. In both the essence of the tradition and interpretive details, Demetra acts as Ariadne’s thread, guiding the student through the labyrinth of terminology and ideas. Her skill as a teacher comes through in each lesson, including the valuable exercises and examples, which help every student understand the beauty and richness of traditional astrology.”

Because the book itself clocks in at over 600 pages, with almost a hundred specialized diagrams and copious tables, it required intensive proofing in its final stages. Our editing team put in a truly heroic effort to ensure that the volume was both conceptually accurate, and as error-free as possible. Although we would have liked to have released it sooner, everyone involved in the final production—Chris Brennan, Leisa Schaim, Demetra George, and myself—strongly felt that the final product, which is truly the culmination of a life’s work, would be well worth the wait. We trust that you will agree.

Volume One of this two-volume work is now available, and pre-orders will be processed and shipped in the order that they were received. Regarding Volume Two, editing and layout will commence within the next few months, and we’ll be sure to announce pre-order information, and a tentative publication date in 2019, as soon as those details congeal.

Order the New Book!