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Summer Solstice Greetings

The photo above is the Real Housewives from Venus transformed into Goddesses upon donning our tiaras in “OMG the Mayans Were Right.”

Here in the Northern hemisphere, the Sun has reached its maximum ascent, and with the longest hours of daylight illuminating our conscious mind, many of us have likewise reached the greatest extension of ideas associated with our Gemini house. The recent transit of Venus and the solar/lunar eclipses in this sign have intensified much seeding and fertilizing activity in our mind-streams. Now as the Sun pauses and changes directions, it is time to narrow the many possibilities and focus on those we want to nurture as the Sun now shines its light upon our Cancerian urges.

With my Gemini Moon in the 11th house, UAC was certainly the grand culminating flourish to this past year of travels and teachings. It was great good fortune to be part of this gathering of the astrological tribes from many nations and traditions, deepening friendships formed over the years and initiating new ones. One highlight of each UAC has been to participate in Michael Lutin’s musical productions.

My travel schedule for the rest of 2012 is simple and close to home. On August 3-4 in Portland OR, I will offer another of my ongoing tutorial practicums on Traditional Astrology – The Doctrine of Aspects. I return to Portland in EARLY November to present “The Sacred Marriage: Vesta, Juno, and Psyche” at the Evolutionary Astrology Conference. The rest of this year I plan to stay home, writing two more books that are pushing to be birthed and continuing to work individually with my ongoing students – mentoring, coaching and supervising their astrological studies.

The first part of 2013 sees me in Phoenix/Scottsdale area – February 15-16 at the Arizona Society for Astrologers; and there again in Tempe on May 2-4 celebrating the American Federation of Astrologers 75th anniversary at the 2013 Art of Prediction Conference where I will give an extended lecture on Hellenistic Time Lord Techniques. I was recently invited to be a member of the AFA Board and look forward to helping support the AFA mission to provide high quality astrological education and resources to the community.

As I write this newsletter Evelyn Roberts of Heaven and Earth workshops contacted me about my giving a 5-day seminar April 6-10, 2013 in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico on the dark feminine mysteries. See my travel schedule for the full write up. By coincidence (!), I had already decided to feature the lunation phase and dark goddess teachings over the summer months from Mysteries of the Dark Moon and Finding Our Way Through the Dark. See our selection of recordings and a new article that has been posted on the Lunation Cycle.

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