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The History of Astrology


Klio and Urania: History of Astrology

Klio the Muse of History

Early peoples have looked to the heavens as a source of spiritual guidance for earthly affairs as since at least the third millennium BCE. Western astrology originated in Mesopotamia, was consolidated during the Hellenistic Egyptian era, diffused throughout the Roman Empire, returned to the Persian and Islamic empires in late antiquity, reintroduced into Medieval Europe in the 12th century, spread northwards into France, Germany, and England during the Renaissance, and eventually made its way to America and Australia in the 20th century. It also spread eastwards into India during the 1st century, and from there to Tibet, China, Southeast Asia and Japan.

Astrological doctrines were received, translated, adapted, practiced, and then, in turn, passed on to others, influencing the philosophical systems, religious beliefs, and political history of each of each host culture. They sparked passionate debates about the nature of the cosmos, fate, free will, the soul, and the life of the stars. These lectures will give you a factual command and sense of awe of the rich and profound tradition to which contemporary astrologers are heirs.

In classical mythology, the nine Muse goddesses were thought to be the source of creative inspiration, and they presided over the arts, sciences and literature. Today our word “museum” derives from the muse as a knowledge holder. Urania, the eldest, was the Muse of Astronomy. Her symbols were the celestial globe and the compass by which she measured the heavens, and she was also associated with music and astrology. Klio was the Muse of History and is often depicted with a scroll of paper and an open chest books. These lectures and articles on the history of astrology as well as my original translations from ancient Greek are dedicated to Klio and Urania.

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In this four-week course, you’ll discover the major highlights of astrology’s rich history.

MORE RESOURCES ON the Rich History of Astrology

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by Demetra George, Culture and Cosmos (Autumn/Winter 2001, Spring/Summer 2001, Spring/Summer 2002).

“The Golden Thread: The Transmission of Astrology through Cultures” 
by Demetra George, The Mountain Astrologer, Issue 10 (Aug./Sept. 2003).

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by Malcolm Wilson and Demetra George, Museion: Journal of the Classical Association of Canada, Vol. 6, No. 3 (2006).

History of Astrology

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