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LIVE EVENTS with Demetra George

Join Demetra for live astrology workshops and conference appearances.


August 29, 2022 The Rulers of the Nativity

In addition to ruling house topics, some planets also manage the general well-being, happiness, prosperity, vitality, and destiny of the life as a whole. Learn Hellenistic methods to identify and describe how the planetary rulers of the Ascendant, Lot of Fortune, Trigon Lords of the Sect Light, Master (Oikodespotes) and Lord (Kurios) of the Nativity support the overall foundation and direction of your life. How do they accomplish what you have tasked them to do?



The History of Astrology

Discover astrology’s rich history and tradition beginning with ancient Babylonia, its consolidation in Egypt, the diffusion of astrology through the Roman Empire and sojourn into the Persian and Islamic Republics, to its 12th Century reintroduction into Medieval Europe.

In this engaging and enlightening seminar the interface between astrology and ancient philosophy, religion, myth, and politics is deeply explored. How the Gnostic, Hermetic, Neoplatonic, Christian, and Jewish traditions regarded one’s life through the reflection of the stars and the concept of fate and free will is brilliantly articulated.

Includes breakout session on the unique history of astrology in the US in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

This course will leave you in awe with a rich context for astrology’s place in our history, and a new awareness of the profundity of the astrological tradition and its legacy to the human imagination.

Instructors: Demetra George, Christopher Renstrom and Tony Howard

Next Live Dates: September 21 – October 16, 2022
Pre-recorded lesson plus 4 live Q&A sessions on September 25 at 12pm, October 2 at 12pm, October 9 at 9am, and October 16 at 12pm. All times are Pacific Time.

$295 (audit) / $350 (certification-track**)


October 8-12, 2022 Egyptian Star Decans

This talk will elaborate upon what I did last year about the Egyptian decans, where I will turn the focus to the stellar mythology of Isis and Osiris as the prototype for decan astronomy. You can receive a 15% conference registration discount before June 24 with the code OSIRIS.

The story of Isis and Osiris, one of ancient Egypt’s foundation myths, mirrored the astronomy of the decan stars as early as 2400 BCE, which, in turn, became the basis for timing the soul’s journey through the netherworld and its rebirth. Fifteen hundred years later images of decanic gods were inscribed upon gemstone amulets for protection against disease and by the Hellenistic era were incorporated into astrology and astral magic.