LIVE EVENTS with Demetra George

Join Demetra for live astrology workshops and conference appearances.

Febuary 8-9, 2020

Fort Lauderdale, FL The South Florida Astrological Association hosts Demetra for an immersion weekend on the asteroid goddesses of 2020 and a deep look at the ancient scheme of the astrological houses.

May 22-24, 2020

Seattle, WA In May of 2020 the Northwest Astrological Conference will celebrate its 36th annual event in Seattle with a diverse range of speakers. Demetra will present two talks, one on planetary dignity and the other on asteroid goddesses of 2020. Registration is open now until May 20.

August 21-28, 2020

Oxford, England In August 2020 Demetra will present at the Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School, a highly regarded annual event at Exeter College in Oxford, drawing international attendance. Bookings open mid-January 2020.

September 10-13, 2020

Westminster, CO Join Demetra at the 2020 ISAR Conference taking place 20 minutes from the heart of Denver, where she will present two talks- one on a current view through the asteroids and the other on spearbearers, a planetary condition of Hellenistic astrology. Detail and registration:
Astrology retreat Houses

October 13-18, 2020

Bend, OR Fifth Annual Hellenistic Astrology Retreat Topic: The Houses With the publication of Ancient Astrology in Theory in Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques (Vol. 1), Demetra George is now offering a training program in the basic principles of Hellenistic Astrology which will consist of three consecutive retreats: Planetary Condition, Delineating Houses, and Hellenistic… Read More »October 13-18, 2020