October 13-18, 2020

Astrology retreat Houses

Bend, OR

Fifth Annual Hellenistic Astrology Retreat – Sold Out

Topic: The Houses

With the publication of Ancient Astrology in Theory in Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques (Vol. 1), Demetra George is now offering a training program in the basic principles of Hellenistic Astrology which will consist of three consecutive retreats: Planetary Condition, Delineating Houses, and Hellenistic Time Lords.

Demetra believes in the primacy of the personal connection between teacher and student as the optional way to transmit the teachings and insure that students correctly understand the material. An optional certification track will be offered for those who are interested.

This second unit of the training – The 12 Houses – will be held in Bend, Oregon, a small town nestled along the Deschutes River in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains. 

Learn all about the houses as the basic topics of life, what they mean and how to interpret them. We will retreat into the world of ancient astrology during this five-day intensive set in the pristine foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Bend, Oregon.

We will delve into the ancient meanings, secret doctrines, and hidden strengths associated with each of the twelve places of life and apply them to the concerns of twenty-first century life. We will interpret a planet in a house, learning how its essential nature and condition alter and refine the delineation. 

We will also integrate additional factors such as the houses a planet rules as well as the lord of the house in order to craft a deeper and more comprehensive insight into the terrain that we navigate in the journey form birth to death. 

Finally, we will examine how the topics of life themselves turn out for us in the final accounting  – good, challenging, mixed – as we look at physical vitality, financial prospects, siblings, education, parents, home, children, sexuality, health, employment,  relationships, fear of death, spirituality, travel, profession, reputation, friends and enemies.

Each day will be a combination of lecture, small group work and class presentations, and practicing the techniques under supervision on our own chart. 

In order to derive the most learning from this retreat, it is essential that you already have a basic understanding of the meanings of the planets, zodiacal signs, houses, and aspects and have looked at charts and tried your hand at interpreting them. 

This is the second module in the three-part certification program in Hellenistic Astrology. If you did not attend Part One on Planetary Condition, we will require you to watch an introductory video before you arrive and we recommended that you read Ancient Astrology, vol. 1 in order to familiarize yourself with the terminology and concepts that will be used throughout the teaching.

The Location

Located in the heart of Oregon, Bend is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. This small mountain town offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and convenient accessibility to nature. Enjoy a stroll down the riverfront path, live music at the Les Schwab Ampitheater or a trip down to the Sunriver Observatory. Watch a sunset from Pilot Butte or enjoy a cup of coffee from one of the many local coffee roasters. See the starry night sky more clearly with the lower level of light pollution!

The Venue and Lodging

Hilton Room

The Hilton Garden Inn is located in the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon. The hotel has been completely updated in the last year, including new beds, carpets, furnishings and more! There is a restaurant on site open for breakfast and dinner. You can unwind in the pool or make use of the convenient onsite gym. The hotel is within walking distance of the Old Mill District, giving you convenient access to restaurants, shops, a theater and coffee/tea shops. There is also a walking trail that runs along the river, within walking distance. Check out all it has to offer here: https://www.oldmilldistrict.com 

We have 10 rooms blocked off with the Hilton. If we need more, we’ll have to contact them later. Book at the Hilton with our group rate

Additional Lower Cost Lodging

The Bunk and Brew is a great low-cost lodging option near by. They’ve given our group a 15% off code for anyone booking for the retreat.
Use this code to get the extra discount: astro19 OR just use this link
Details and booking for Bunk and Brew: https://www.bunkandbrew.com/house/

For a comprehensive overview of lodging, food, travel, and more in Bend click here.

Workshop Details – Sold Out

Dates: October 13-18, 2020
Times: Day 1 we meet at 5:30pm for kickoff; then 9:30am-5:00pm daily; 9:30am-1:00pm on the last day (18th)
Location: Hilton Garden Inn – Bend, Oregon
Cost: $850 (if registered by June 15, 2020; $950 thereafter) – SOLD OUT (please email to be added to waitlist)

  • Space is limited. Hold your spot with a $250 nonrefundable deposit.
  • Balance in full is due August 31, 2020.
  • Earlybird pricing ends June 15.
  • Cancellation policy: $250 of your registration fee is non-refundable; any balance paid greater than the deposit is refundable through August 31. All payments made are non-refundable after August 31. Students who are forced to cancel after August 31 will receive all recordings, handouts and written material.
  • Lodging is available at the Hilton. Book your room directly with them or with a nearby hotel or local Airbnb in zip code 97702.
  • Registration fee does not include food, lodging or travel. Coffee and tea are provided.
  • All registered students will receive an audio recording of the event as well as all handouts.

SOLD OUT (please email to be added to waitlist)