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The 10th House - From Traditional to Modern

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Explore the many facets of the Tenth House. Discover how the traditional lineage informs ther modern astrological interpretations. Demetra will present a thorough overview of the 10th house in addition to chart examples to illustrate her techniques.

The Sun reaches the summit of its height at the Midheaven, and likewise the 10th house represents the pinnacle of a person’s glory, honor, and success in life. Learn how to decode the signature of “what you do.”

The supplementary topic will give clear guidelines for how to interpret the differences in meanings for planets in the 10th, depending upon whether they are benefic or malefic and in good or bad condition.

Pre-recorded for instant access. Part 10 of the 12 Houses series.

1 hr. 33 min. | include audio, video, and slides.

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