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The 11th House - The Good Daimonic Spirit

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Join Demetra for another fascinating exploration into the archaeology of astrological house significations. The daimon was an important and complex concept in ancient literature and philosophy. Among its meanings was that of a winged semi-divine spirit who accompanied human souls, offering protection and riches. These good daimons stand behind the house of friends, companions on the path who assist us in the fulfillment our wishes and dreams for a better future.

This webinar will incorporate the Hellenistic and Medieval techniques for describing our friends, their fidelity or falseness. And it will delve into the modern analysis of our capacity to make and maintain friendships, get along with others, and participate in shared group endeavors based upon common ideals.

The supplementary topic will introduce the Lot of Spirit, complement to the Lot of Fortune, as the special domain of 11th house aspirations.

Part 11 of Wheel of Life: The Twelve Houses

1 hr. 38 min. | includes video, audio and slides

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