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The 12th House – The Bad Daimon

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The topic of Enemies has been the main signification of the 12th house during the Hellenistic, Arabic, and Medieval eras. We will add to this understanding by using the lens of modern astrology and the contributions of psychology and spirituality. Discover the multi –layered dimension of outer, inner and secret enemies to heal the enemy within which is the source of our suffering. Take a look at charts of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump using both traditional and modern approaches.

Traditionally known as the House of Enemies, Sorrows, and Tribulations, the 12th house has undergone the greatest changes of meanings over the millennia of cultural adaptation and spiritual development. Join us on another archaeological dig into the deepest stratum of our unconscious to understand how embracing our shadow and purifying our suffering can lead us to a state of realization and transcendence.

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1 hr. 31 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Part 12 of Wheel of Life: The Twelve Houses

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