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The Eighth House - Death and the Idle Place

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Ancient astrologers understood the primary meaning of the Eighth House as Death, which modern astrologers have reframed as the catastrophic loss of what we most cherish. In this archaeological dig into the mysterious Eighth House, discover how its meanings have radically changed over time and which conditions lead to anguish of the mind and which to great inheritances. In the process we’ll ask if transformation and sexuality belong in this dark shaded place, and if so under what circumstances.

The supplementary topic presents an overview of the themes involved in the causes, nature, and timing of Robin William’s death, including an important Hellenistic Length of Life procedure that brings us to the conclusion of his life.

1 hr. 34 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Pre-recorded for instant access. Part 8 of the 12 Houses series.

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