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The Second House - Gates of Hades

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Pre-Recorded Webinar

The Second House: The Gates of Hades

This talk presents the ancient and modern perspectives regarding the Second House - all about money and livelihood: how we make it, spend it, lose it; how we hope for more of it. How our relationship with money underlies our self-worth and reflects our values. Why did ancient astrologers connect wealth with the underworld realm? Traditional interpretation guidelines are introduced explaining why a planet’s condition is essential in interpreting its meaning, in this case relative to the individual’s potential wealth.

The supplementary topic looks at the rationale behind the relative angularity and the different ‘strengths’ of the houses.

In this webinar Demetra will:

  • Compare and contrast ancient and modern significations of each house
  • Explain the underlying rationale that connects the various significations
  • Discuss the connection between the joys of the houses and the ancient names of each house
  • Understand each house in terms of its relative dynamic angularity and fortunate/unfortunate classification
  • Demonstrate how benefic and malefic planets operate differently in each house, and how they either realize or obstruct the positive topics or prevent or activate the difficult expressions
  • Determine the planet that rules the house in question and learn how to integrate that planet’s nature and location into your expanded interpretation of the house

Pre-recorded for instant access. Part 2 of the 12 Houses series.

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