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Thrasyllus - Court Astrologer to the Roman Emperors

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Pre-recorded webinar for instant download

Thrasyllus, a Hellenistic astrologer and Platonic philosopher was lifelong friend, teacher, and advisor to Emperor Tiberius. Learn how he brought astrology from Egypt to Rome, transmitted his knowledge to the circle of poets and scholars in Augustus’ court, and played a critical role in influencing the power and politics of the early Empire.

Join Demetra for the seminar she prepared for audiences in Rome and her tour to Southern Italy where the participants walked along the same path on the peak of Capri frequented by Thrasyllus and Tiberius as they observed the stars, cast their charts, and discussed the prognostications.

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1 hr. 20 minutes. | includes video and audio downloads

You will get instant access to this prerecorded webinar. It will play on all platforms and devices. This is a video download that includes the complete Powerpoint presentation and audio. You will have the option to either watch the video in your browser, or download the video file to save to your computer and/or transfer to your portable device.

This program also includes a separate pdf of the slides from the presentation so you can study them at your own pace.

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