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Traditional Astrology 201

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Learn traditional astrology from the ground up with this second program in the Learning Traditional Astrology series.

In this workshop, Demetra expands on the techniques laid out in the first course in this series (Traditional Astrology 101) by looking at them in the context of relationship. We explore the chart of Jacqueline Kennedy-Onasis as an example.

Learn some simple but powerful ancient timing methods that indicate set dates when the planets that govern relationship become activated.

We focus on the practical application of the following: the special vocabulary and use of such concepts as sect, diurnal and nocturnal planets, whole sign houses, triplicities, bounds, reception, configurations, witnessing, rejoicing, lots, solar phases, under the beams, profections, time lords, and releasing. You'll learn the meaning of the trigon lords, and the lord of the sect light. Includes an introduction to timing techniques by planetary periods and ascensional times.

5 hours 10 min. Recorded in February 2012. mp3 format. High quality recording.

Note: If you have previously purchased Demetra's shorter program on working with the topic of relationship, this workshop goes into much greater detail.

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