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Uncovering Life Purpose in the Birthchart

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Use the techniques of traditional astrology to identify life purpose in the natal chart. This workshop will guide you in employing the proper weight to the main symbols of life purpose in the chart in a method that will simplify your work, once you grasp an understanding of the rules of the process.

In The Soul’s Code, psychologist James Hillman writes that each person has a pattern that leads them toward a certain purpose and destiny, and that this pattern exists from the moment of birth. When a person recognizes and lives out this purpose, it not only gives reason to one’s existence, but also enhances the well-being of others in the world. This workshop presents a clear and simple method specifically designed to uncover life purpose in the birth chart, pointing to how a person can best express their authentic self.

Complete practical astrology workshop with Demetra George. FAA Post-Conference workshop Recorded in Brisbane, Australia 2010.

4 hours 45 min. | audio download | includes slides and worksheet

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