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Wheel of Life - The Astrological Houses Webinar Set

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In this twelve-part pre-recorded webinar series, Demetra provides an in-depth discussion on each the twelve houses. Each lecture is packed with information, and a well-rounded approach grounded in past and present to:

  • Compare and contrast ancient and modern significations of each house
  • Explain the underlying rationale that connects the various significations.
  • Discuss the connection between the joys of the houses and the ancient names of each house.
  • Understand each house in terms of its relative dynamic angularity and fortunate/unfortunate classification.
  • Demonstrate how benefic and malefic planets operate differently in each house, and how they either realize or obstruct the positive topics or prevent or activate the difficult expressions.
  • Determine the planet that rules the house in question and learn how to integrate that planet’s nature and location into your expanded interpretation of the house.
  • Provide chart examples to illustrate the main points presented.

This package set is the complete set of pre-recorded WEBINARS. You will receive links to download all of the video files. Videos are mp4 format and will play on any computer or device (Apple iPhone and iPad users need to download to a computer first, then transfer using iTunes).

Approximately 19 hours. mp4 format. Recorded between 2013 and 2015.

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